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(W) Ralph Griffith (A) GUY DAVIS (CA) GUY DAVIS

"Serpent by the Tail." As the teens mourn the loss of one of their own, Lord Darkoth continues his quest to obtain a chest that contains the dreaded Daemonstorm. A force so powerful that it can change the very fate of all Azoth. Meanwhile, Alex receives training in the use of his magical skills by Delora who is discovered to be the daughter of Anomolin, a powerful wizard not seen outside the Black Mountains in over 50 years. And Alex will need all these skills as the group find themselves in a cave that is the lair of a mighty dragon. A dragon that stands in their way of obtaining the Daemonstorm chest and preventing Darkoth's reign of terror from truly engulfing Azoth. Collects The Realm Volume One #16-21.