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PLANET 9 #1 (OF 4)


A mysterious planet on the far side of the galaxy has come back into Earth's view after thousands of years. Its visitors want our help in order to preserve their way of life, but their true motives will bring our very existence toward dark conclusions.  Our biggest questions about who we are and what lies ahead once we pass on to the other side will be answered.   But be careful of the answers you seek... the answers may be terrifying!

TEAM MOBILE VOL 2 #1 #4 (OF 3)

(OF 3)

(W) MATTHEW SPRADLIN (A) Larry Spike Jarrell

The story of Team MOBILE takes a more serious turn as the group meets with tragedy, only to be reborn in a trial by fire!  The stakes are higher, and as one of the team rises to become a leader, another will betray the group in an attempt to bring the entire operation down.  Welcome to the new Team MOBILE!