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(W) Suzuki Tanaka (A) Suzuki Tanaka (CA) Suzuki Tanaka

Awkward Yoshida's life got flipped upside down when the hottest guy in school started going out with him. Things should be easier for Yoshida now that his whole class knows about his relationship, but it's never that simple with Sato as a boyfriend. The crazy couple are once again caught up in a lover's quarrel, but is it over something completely silly again or are things getting a bit more serious this time...? For older teen audiences.

$12.99 €12.34


(W) Scarlet Beriko (A) Scarlet Beriko (CA) Scarlet Beriko

Thanks to Uichi Rogi's lies, his sugar daddy is dead and the object of his affection, yakuza head Akitora Oyamato, is bleeding out. Needing to lie low, Uichi and Akitora seek refuge in a gang safe house, where pain and pleasure quickly collide. But nothing in Uichi's life is simple, and he soon finds himself naked and face-to-face with Akitora's wife and infant son! For mature audiences.

$12.99 €12.34