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(W) Julian Brier (A) Julian Brier (CA) Julian Brier

The sun sets on a seemingly normal day over the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Ostia Antica. Its groundskeeper tends to his duties and is kept company by the cats that inhabit the nooks and shadows of the historical site. The usual dinner after work takes a turn as he loses consciousness and is jarred awake, finding himself in a new and eerie reality. Led by one of his feline friends, the groundskeeper makes his way back to the gates of Ostia Antica and what lies ahead is a sight beyond words. A visual feast, this silent graphic novel unveils an imaginative journey and an ever-increasing sense of the extraordinary.

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(W) Josh Pettinger (A) Josh Pettinger (CA) Josh Pettinger

William Cucumber is having a bad summer. He's lost his crumby job at the beach and has no prospects. His parents are divorcing so he's forced to move out of the house into a tent in the backyard. In an attempt to make money from medical experiments, he inadvertently gets addicted to smoking and develops a nasty rash. Laura is the daughter of his mother's new boyfriend. She's convinced her father is a murderer. Is this true or just another hallucination? Goiter is a quirky, unique, anthology of comics in the spirit of Eightball. Josh is a master at making the ordinary seem weird and uncomfortable as well as funny.

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