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(W) Saki Hasemi (A) Kentaro Yabuki (CA) Kentaro Yabuki

High school love is hard enough all on its own, and for Rito, it happens to involve the gorgeous princesses of a galactic empire, interstellar assassins, and a ghost girl! But Master Nemesis has long warned of the power of "Darkness" lurking inside of Yami. The time has come for that Darkness to awaken! Can Rito survive the true power of a living weapon?

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TO LOVE RU GN VOL 13-14 #7

(W) Saki Hasemi (A) Kentaro Yabuki (CA) Kentaro Yabuki

Yuuki Rito is your average high school student-awkward, shy, and hopeless when it comes to confessing his feelings to the girl of his dreams. But one day, a beautiful woman suddenly materializes in his bathtub! Her name is Lala Deviluke, an alien princess on the run from an intergalactic empire. After Rito gets unwittingly engaged to Lala, he soon finds himself sucked into a battle for Lala's affections, as alien suitors from across the galaxy vie for her hand in marriage. Rito's troubles have only just begun!

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