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(W) Vincent Brugeas (A) Thomas Legrain (CA) Ted Benoit

After the disaster that was their first mission, the SAS refused to give up, and their second wave of raids proved a powerful validation of the concept behind their unit. Unfortunately, they still have many enemies at headquarters, and now they must capitalize on their success. While they lack neither daring nor imagination, they will have to contend with an enemy who knows how to adapt, and learn to live with the terrible human cost of the war.


(W) FRANZ (A) Franz (CA) Morris

In the vast, wild expanses of an America not yet tamed by the white man, the entwined destinies of two men and a little girl - a Sioux, a paleface and the little blonde doll who unites them beyond all their differences. Two families en route to Wyoming. An ambush by Crow warriors. A massacre - and two little girls missing. Logan, a young man who served as scout to the small convoy, brings the only other survivor, old Giuseppe, back to civilization, and makes him a promise: he'll find the girls. Meanwhile, Salmon Leap, a young Lakota warrior turned away by the father of the woman he loves, seeks a glorious death - and finds Sharon, one of the two girls.


2331 YARDS

(W) Yves Sente (A) Youri Jigounov (CA) Youri Jigounov

Jason McLane, a.k.a. XIII, seems to have finally accepted his true destiny. Tired of fighting the powerful elite who control the world, he has apparently joined them. Of course, he supposedly did so on orders from General Wolf, so as to bring down the sinister Mayflower Foundation at last, but ... what if the temptation of power proved too strong? Janet Fitzsimmons, the Foundation's president, too beautiful? Or the price of integrity too steep for him ... or his friends?