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(W) Chise Ogawa (A) Chise Ogawa (CA) Chise Ogawa

Karino's older half brother Tatsumi is a proper honor student, diligently and obediently following the path laid out for him by others. But after he unexpectedly falls for eccentric Senzaki, he takes a surprising detour by unscrupulously securing the delinquent caste for himself. Senzaki accepts Tatsumi's feelings with reckless abandon, expecting him to do the same. But is Tatsumi willing to forge a new path to be with the impetuous Senzaki?


(W) Yonezou Nekota (A) Yonezou Nekota (CA) Yonezou Nekota

Maya and Nemugasa plan a big date, but Maya totally flubs it! To ensure he could get the time off, Maya had crammed his work schedule so full he exhausted himself and fell asleep on the big day. Nemugasa is already extremely sensitive about their relationship, and this only makes matters worse. Now finding his time with Maya to be painful, Nemugasa boldly declares he wants some space. Could this spell the end for this troubled couple? For mature audiences.


(W) Scarlet Beriko (A) Scarlet Beriko (CA) Scarlet Beriko

Uichi Rogi is in a bind, both literally and figuratively, when he meets Akitora Oyamato, the yakuza head who's come to collect a debt from Uichi's lover. Instantly smitten, Uichi schemes dubious and often dangerous ways of getting closer to the man, but his lies come at a heavy price-one he may regret having to pay for Akitora's affections. For mature audiences.


(W) Meguru Hinohara (A) Meguru Hinohara (CA) Meguru Hinohara

Shizuma ? nds out about Minato's plan-and subsequent wager-to seduce and then dump him. Although upset at ? rst, Shizuma ? nally realizes it was all just a mistake and rushes to visit a bedridden Minato. But when he does, the one to open the door is Minato's brother Mito, who intentionally withholds his identity! Meanwhile, Minato is stuck wavering between his ever-deepening feelings for Shizuma and his long-held fear of falling in love. Can these two overcome misunderstandings and deepseated fear, or are there simply too many obstacles?