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(W) Mark Landry (A) ASHLEY WITTER

Haunted by the catastrophe that tore his city apart, Coast Guard veteran Virgil Lafleur struggles daily with the hardships of a post-Katrina New Orleans. But when his younger brother's murder leads him into a vortex of intrigue, corruption, and violence, Virgil becomes obsessed with bringing the killers to justice and exposing the horrific secret hiding beneath the Mississippi. Collects Bloodthirsty #1-5.


(W) Si Spurrier (A) Emilio Laiso (CA) ASHLEY WITTER

"WHEREIN: VERY KABOOM" •  Time's up. DOCTOR APHRA and TRIPLE-ZERO have mere seconds to remove their bomb implants before it's explodo o'clock. •  With undead bounty hunters, monster trappers and the foulest divisions of the IMPERIAL war machine between her and salvation, is this the end for the amoral archaeologist? •  One thing's for sure: it'll come down to who trusts who...and who gets what they deserve... Rated T

X-23 #11

(W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Diego Olortegui (CA) ASHLEY WITTER

• X-23 vs. Honey Badger! •  But what could drive a wedge between these two sisters? •  Meanwhile, X-23 digs deeper into the shadows of a secret new organization, HARVEST! Rated T+