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(W) Massimo Rosi (A) Luca Panciroli (CA) Luca Panciroli

Mad Max: Fury Road meets Of Mice and Men. In a post-apocalyptic future the American president has closed the borders to avoid both foreign immigration and the exodus of its own citizens. The nation's remaining natural resources have become the target of major industries. Now the remaining dying population of this devastated country find themselves prisoners with no way out, fighting over scraps and avoiding roaming bandits, with a future left on borrowed time. Into this land two young lovers, both military veterans of a failed rebellion make their way in the world left in its wake.


(W) Marcello Bondi (A) Alessandra Imperio (CA) Alessandro Manzella

In the tradition of Conan the Barbarian comes a sword and sorcery adventure for the ages. Three young men are intent on finding and killing Khor, a despotic warrior/wizard leader who destroys all who have attempted to oppose him. However in their quest to do so they must face challenges and seek help within a monastery where they are given guidance as to where they can obtain the materials needed to possibly defeat Khor. However their dangerous adventure is not so smooth and clear cut as the young men must first defeat Khor's trusted lieutenant, Khor's military forces, before coming face to face with Khor himself.