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(W) Tom Sniegoski (A) Tom McWeeney (CA) Tom McWeeney

Kirby the French bulldog, OB the turtle, and the ghost of Erasmus J. Peckinpah embark on a road trip to the mysterious Area 51, hidden in the wastelands of the Nevada desert. Erasmus has convinced Kirby to help resurrect his cryogenically frozen body (which they've brought with them in the trunk of an old Cadillac Eldorado they're driving) by acquiring a nuclear heart currently inside the chest of a cow at the facility. On their journey, the gang encounters the angry spirit of an old prospector, a motorcycle gang with a grudge against French bulldogs, and last but not least, a full-fledged alien invasion!


(W) Samwise Didier (A) Samwise Didier

Welcome to Texas! After seceding from the oppressive USA, the Lone Star Nation has been reduced to a desolate wasteland full of biker gangs, strip clubs, and run-down towns where justice usually comes in the form of a bullet. Traveling the strange highways of this new Texas, Jo Jo, the former "Feral Kid" in a traveling carnival, comes across an eccentric gallery of freaks and rogues: a young dancer on the run from her depraved father, a messianic head of a biker cult, and a gruesome collection of outcasts, cutthroats, and assassin clowns. Each confrontation brings Jo Jo closer to his ultimate target: the Rambling Man, the sinister ringleader of the dark carnival and the man who wants Jo Jo dead more than anyone. Of course, ourse that's just fine with Jo Jo, 'cause he feels the exact same way.