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(W) Adem Kiamil (A) Tom Lima

After a supposed terrorist attack by a One Percenter, those that have the specific gene required to activate the airborne virus that has infected the Earth's entire population, on the city's largest bank, the government gives Sanaxus the green light to test everyone for the One Percent Gene. They start in rural areas and Neve's school is among the first to be tested!


(W) Sheldon Allen (A) Armin Ozdic

The world's deadliest contract killer just received his next target: A man some believe to be the modern Jesus Christ. Lucas Blank, a gun for hire, finds himself contracted by a powerful NGO to execute a figure known only as the Messiah, who recently stopped a Los Angeles race riot with a single word. Lucas is a professional and it's just another job until he has his finger on the trigger and is about to complete the job, that is, until the Messiah sees him and he suffers a crisis of conscience. The NGO becomes more desperate than ever to see the Messiah dead at any costs, including sacrificing those that Lucas holds most dear. One bullet. One kill. A billion consequences.


(W) Enzo Garza (A) Enzo Garza

Who is Gutt Ghost and what's he all about? The reality is he's just like you and me. Navigating the same ups and downs that life has to offer. He works a job he doesn't like, has a car that breaks down, pays bills and deals with the same headaches that come from being a ghost with guts. Things like an ex-girlfriend and her obnoxious runt of a creature new boyfriend, flakey friends and the troubles with resurrecting dead ones, confrontations with a stranger and accidentally eating them alive. It's normal stuff we all deal with and he's no stranger to it. Plus there's sure to be some inside out people, a cult and someone's car gets broken into. All completely normal and relatable stuff!


(W) Don Handfield (A) Rafael Loureiro

A cross between The Sopranos and The Breakfast Club, The Mall continues to fire on all cylinders! Now that the Tessitorre family has made their intentions known, Lenny and the kids must come up with a plan to keep what is rightfully theirs. It's do or die for Lena, Diego, and Lena. Can the Cardini kids continue keeping their high school life and new found organized crime life separate?


(W) Don Aguillo (A) Don Aguillo (CA) Don Aguillo

"Echo." Marooned in the settlement built around the first Jasser Trial complex presents a challenge for Queen Zak's dwindling, but able entourage, as a sinister presence plagues its unassuming denizens. The queen's reluctant host and his family uneasily welcome the crew into their home, an old Inn troubled by its own darkness, as they each begin to learn more about ghosts of their pasts and begin to realize the vast expanse, and darker corners, of the Kingdom of Pasif'kah.


(W) C.R. Mountain (A) C.R. Mountain (CA) C.R. Mountain

A cross between Calvin and Hobbes and the Lord of the Rings, Sabretooth Dan is a sword and sorcery tale for all-ages. Dan is an orphan with both Sabretooth teeth and an over-active imagination in the 13 Kingdoms, a Lord of the Rings-like world full of talking animals, pirates, and mystery. But when real-world adventure comes knocking, Dan finds it impossible to say no. With lavish artwork in full color for the first time by Gunnar Bergstorm, a professional animator. Collecting the three issue series, plus bonus features.


(W) James Haick (A) Branko Jovanovic

The New Americans have arrived and they're planning on taking over the college campus. Jake and his friends are trapped and must either turn themselves in or fight to get free. Decisions time is here and the decisions that are made here will forever change their lives.


(W) Andrew Clemson (A) Jethro Morales (CA) Jethro Morales

Origin story! After escaping Morg's ambush, the crew of the Ghost-Huffer land on the luxury resort planet of Meara-12. While Max and Molly get some R&R, Greeves reveals the identity of the man they've been causing havoc across the galaxy in search of and why he's so dead set on hunting him down! Now with extra swearing and punching! A foul-mouthed, over-the-top Sci-Fi romp, equal parts Red Dwarf and grain alcohol.


(W) Brian Jr Middleton (A) Brian Jr Middleton

"Come to me and I will heal your broken heart." These words, spoken by a sweet-voiced angel, lead Wulfborne the Adventurer into a dark and creature-filled Underworld. As he battles his way through Minotaurs, Fish-Monsters and other strange creatures, he struggles with a promise he made to his lost love, Luna. To make matters worse he is warned back at every turn by strange and broken travelers. Will Wulfborne find what he seeks at the bottom of the Underworld or does something far deadlier lie in wait? Collects the complete three issue Wulfborne series!